If you like trail running, you’ll love hashing. Hashing is a “hare and hounds” running game that originated in Malaysia in 1939. Our non-competitive running group has clubs or “kennels” in almost every major city in the WORLD.

Established in 1983, the STLH3 is a diverse co-ed group of deviant runners–with all levels of running ability, of all (adult) ages, from all walks of life, married and single. We have a few doctors, nurses, business professionals, and many less reputable types (only one lawyer–we promise) that stop their lives on Sunday to “hash”.

Our weekly runs are never predictable, usually 3-7 miles in length and almost always off-road. Run routes often pass through or over water crossings, flesh ripping briars, shoe sucking muck, illicit refuse sites, highway tunnels and RR tracks. You’ll also learn to identify Missouri’s less-popular flora–poison ivy, stingy nettles, etc.

Hashing is a game that supports all levels of runners. If you can run a couple of miles without rest, you will not suffer any permanent damage due to your running ability. However, hashers have the right to hurt themselves, but if they do, it’s their own damn fault!

OK, the ECONOMY SUCKS and you’re probably wondering how much does all this fun cost? Well, for a mere pittance of $5 per hash, we’ll supply you with beverages and snacks before and during the run plus some critique afterwards.

If you want to join us, go to www.STLH3.com or call (636) 230-HASH for directions. We meet EVERY Sunday evening–3 PM in the Winter and 5 PM in the Summer.

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    Do you have info o this week’s hash? I would like to join.



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